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Vendor Talk: The Hive

Happy Tuesday! This week our vendor talk is about our amazing visit to The Hive London! We had the opportunity to sit down with Jenna from The Hive and ask her all about the amazing things they do.

What is The Hive and Why Was it Started?

The Hive is a community space with event, rental and co-op space. Everyone is welcome, and is encouraged to be part of The Hive Community. It is honestly such a supportive space - it is incredible! Jenna wanted a space where she could create a community within a community. Someplace where people were free to learn, explore, and were presented with new ideas and opportunities. The Hive encourages community, and personal development - and we love it!

What events are held here?

A large range of events are held a The Hive. Most revolving around growth and education.

A few include: Small markets, support groups, paint nights, puppy training, wellness workshops, wedding ceremonies, showers and more. This location is perfect for any small community event.

Event Fees and Rentals

Event fees vary, but are all at a very affordable price for the community. Bookings can be done by the hour, or daily, in multiple places around the Hive, making the space fit your needs.

Future Plans

There are many future plans for The Hive. Jenna would like to grow this space into an even larger community space where everyone can come and participate in educational and growing events and classes. This could include a space where school trips can go or opening more locations in other communities or much more.

Instagram: @thehivldnont

Facebook: The Hive London



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