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Vendor Talk: Curl Up & Dye

Happy Tuesday!

This week we got to hangout with Emily and Kim from Curl Up & Dye! We love sitting down with local vendors and chatting with them about their specialities, favourite trends, and their predictions on future trends.

Emily and Kim!

Curl Up and Dye is an in home salon run by Emily Loop in Leamington. Her team consists of her, the stylist, Kim (Beauty by Kimberlyn Rose), the makeup artist, and we have inside information that they will be adding a nail technician very soon! This means that Curl Up & Dye can be a complete one stop shop for you and your bridal party.

Emily and her team know how to keep the mood light, and fun, on your wedding day. The team is so much fun to be around, and are guaranteed to make you laugh throughout the getting ready process.

Q: How long have you been in the industry?

A (Emily): 14 years

A (Kim): 6 years

Q: What is your all time favourite style/ thing to do creatively?

A: Emily and Kim both immediately responded with “Bold and Creative”. They love that it gives their clients a chance to really show off their personality through hair and makeup.

Hair by Emily

Makeup by Kim

Q: How many weddings do you typically do in a year?

A: Anywhere from 20-30

Q: How far in advance do you suggest booking for a Wedding?

A: One Year in advance! Weekends fill up very fast.

Q: Do you travel for Wedding Parties?

A: Yes, we will come to wherever you are getting ready, or we can close down the salon just for you!

Q: What trends are you starting to see for 2019?

A (Emily): Mixed metal, and beaded, headpieces and hair pins are a popular request. We aren’t seeing as much of the rose gold, but are seeing more copper. Loose hairstyles are still very in, creating an effortless boho look.

A (Kim): The Pantone colour of the year “Living Coral” is definitely trending right now. Because mixed metals are in we are seeing a lot of metallic shades being used in different makeup looks.

Hair By Emily

Makeup by Kim

Q: Do you have any advice for Brides?

A: The biggest thing is to stay true to who you are. If you are envisioning yourself with your hair up instead of down, don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Same with a bold vs natural look for makeup. It is your wedding day and you will look back on it for years. Make sure you are a true reflection of yourself on your wedding day! No one can tell you who to be!

Hair by Emily, Makeup by Kim

We had so much fun hanging out with Emily and Kim, at the salon! If you are interested in booking, or inquiring about more information you can contact them at their Facebook page, or for regular bookings you can book online. Links below to both!


Online Booking:




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