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Pulling Off the Perfect Surprise Engagement

Happy Tuesday!

Today we are talking about a few dos and don’ts for pulling of your perfect proposal. We want everyone to be able to celebrate this special time with your partner worry free!


Hire a Photographer

This is going to be one of the most excited days of your life, and you want to make sure that you can capture it and look back on all the hard work you did to plan it. If it’s hiring a professional photographer or even asking a friend or family member to hide in a bush with a camera, documentation is worth it!

Plan Far Enough in Advance

The more time you give yourself to iron out all the details the less stressful and more enjoyable the day will be. Make sure you think of the small details as well as the large ones to help prevent anything that may go wrong.

Make Sure it’s Somewhere You Both Will Find Meaningful

The perfect place doesn’t have to be anywhere grand. It could somewhere you had your first place, your own home or anywhere you find meaningful. This is a detail you’ll remember, and will be part of the stories you tell your grandkids, so make it somewhere that will make you smile every time you relive the day.

Have a Backup Plan

You never know what will happen on the day of. The space may be too crowded, it may be raining, or even your partner is strong willed and wants to do her own thing. Always be ready to switch the plans a bit if needed! Even with all the work you will put into planning, don’t get too attached to one option.


Do It In a Place With Little Control

When picking a location keep in mind your surroundings. Make sure that you take into account the amount of people that will be around, the weather if outdoors, or the size of the venue if you want to do it in a specific place.

Forget To Do a Run Through

Always practice! Before the big day don’t forget the have a test run to make sure there aren’t any kinks, and if so find them now when you have time to fix them. Having a run through makes you that much closer to insure a flawless day.

Share Your Plan With The Whole City

Nothing is worse than a surprise being ruined. Make sure you only tell those who need to know to insure that the plans don’t become unraveled before they happen. Share your news to the rest of your loved ones after the deal has been sealed.

Forget To Have a Good Cover Story

It won’t be fun come the day of and your partner is asking multiple questions on the plans of the night and you don’t have an answer. Make sure you plan a story to tell beforehand, so you’re ready to answer any questions.

Take The Stress Alone

Even though we just said to make sure not to tell everyone your plans, it’s nice to have a few people to help you along the way. Having help with bookings, set up, and any other details you may not want to do in fear of your partner seeing it somewhere, that extra hand will be a savior. Don’t stress more than you need to by doing it alone!

Forget To Have Fun

Even with all the planning, and probably nerves, don’t forget that this day is for you too so have fun!


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