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Preparing For Your Engagement Photo Session

Hi Lovelies,

Cate Here!

Today I want to talk to you about how to prepare for your Engagement Session! Keep in mind that every photographer may differ slightly, however all of us will maintain a similar concept.

I want to start by mentioning how important engagement sessions really are. Not only are you getting photos to use for save the dates, invitations, or to display at your wedding; you are getting bonding time with your photographer. This is so important to achieving amazing photos on your wedding day! Your engagement session allows for your photographer to try poses with you, see what type of pictures you hate, like, and love. It also allows you to form a bond, and hopefully a friendship, with your photographer before your big day! Many photographers offer free, or discounted, engagement sessions when you book a wedding with them. Check with your photographer!

I know how stressful it can be planning a location, and multiple outfits for your engagement session. What do we wear?! Does this match?! Will this clash with the location?! Will these work for my save the dates? So many questions; and that’s completely ok!

Tip #1:

Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer questions, that’s what they are there for! Many photographers will have a list of locations they love to use, or may have a few secret locations that will be perfect for your session. Also think of where your wedding is going to be, sometimes it is nice to try out a location that you may want to use for your Wedding photos!

Tip #2:

Always plan for an outfit change. Having two completely different outfits is a huge key component in your engagement session. Plan to have a casual outfit, and a more formal outfit. Not only does it give you more photos to work with, you may not end up liking one of your outfits, and will be thankful you had the second! Start with the casual outfit as you get comfortable working with your photographer, then move into the more formal outfit and take those steamy romantic ones!

Tip #3:

Think about what will match your wedding when planning outfits. Are you planning a light and airy white and blush wedding? If so, you probably shouldn’t wear dark and moody colours for your engagement photo. Often couples will use their engagement photos on save the dates, and/or use them on display at their wedding. Having everything coordinate is an easy, simple, touch, that can complete the look you’re going for!

Tip #4:

Don’t be afraid to bring some props, or your dog! Engagement sessions should be personalized to every couple, as your story is unique. Harry Potter fans? Bring your House scarves for a few fun photos. Sports fans? Bring your jerseys - this is even better if you are wearing rivals - haha. Bring that fur baby of yours! Personally, when I photograph animals I ask that you bring someone who the dog knows well (friend, sibling, parent, etc.) with you to help get the dogs attention. We often do those photographs first, so the puppy (and the puppy sitter) are free to go!

Tip #5:

Just be you. Have fun, don’t be afraid to laugh, and just be in the moment with your significant other.

Are you feeling better about planning for your engagement session?! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

Xx Cate

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