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Our 2019 Favourites

With a new year among us, we thought it would be fun to keep you updated on our current favourite trends in the event/wedding industry. We absolutely love seeing all of the new things that people come up with, and find it fascinating that trends can change so quickly.

We both have similar favourites. We both love the bright, white, and airy look; however all the new trends can be executed so nicely we love it al!!

Here are a few of the styles and elements we are loving the most currently:

Dark and moody:

Nothing’s wrong with straying from the usual light and airy wedding feel, and these dark and moody colours may just help change your mind! Dark colours are currently super trendy plus they are super romantic and cozy, perfect for Fall and Winter Weddings. Also can we discuss how absolutely amazing the burgundy and navy tones are for 2019?!


Soft colours and metals? Yes please! This industrial theme is a great mix with a classic wedding and a futuristic feeling. As much as we were LOVING rose gold (everything) last year, the copper this year is even better! Copper is such a unique colour, and it is so easy to incorporate within the little details. Copper charger plates, utensils, little things in a centrepiece… so perfect!

All metal tones are perfect for this theme, along with soft neutrals and clear acrylic accents (acrylic chairs!). Add to your theme with geometric shapes and angled lines in your decor and stationery. Don’t know where to host your event to fit the theme? Look for open warehouses or buildings with good structure and exposed “bones”.

Country chic:

Coming from the county this theme will always be a favourite. Taking your country wedding but adding a touch of glam brings it to the next level. The stunning greenery we have been seeing over the past year is perfect for this. It is beyond exciting that this trend is being carried into 2019. Have you ever seen a bad eucalyptus bouquet, because we most definitely have NOT! They are so stunning and go with everything, and every colour!

All you need is a few wood accents and a fun venue! For venues, we are loving that polished rustic weddings are still “in”. Give us those broken window pane seating charts for eternity, please! Nothing beats a beautiful barn as a backdrop for those wedding photos.

Woodland Boho:

Woodland boHo is to something to love this year. This theme is so easy to put together with things you may find around. Boho can be full of colours and mismatched things like chairs or bridesmaid dresses. Pick a cute forest location which is perfect for any small wedding you’re thinking of. Nothing is more romantic than a simple wedding in the woods.

Have any of you considered an elopement?! We feel like a forest setting at dusk would be so incredible for an elopement! For real, tell us your thoughts on elopements in the comments, and let us know what you envision!

New trends are sure to pop up in the very near future - so we will keep you posted on our favourites as they change. We want to hear from all of you, what are you favourite “hot” trends right now?! Share in the comments below!

Cate & Kat


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