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Let’s Celebrate Love!

Four party ideas for Valentine’s Day

Hello Sunshines!

It’s Kat,

With Valentine’s Day coming around the corner, I wanted to share with you some party ideas for the holiday! No matter what relationship status you have there’s always a way to celebrate, with friends, family or loved ones. You can make Valentine’s Day whatever you want it to be. Plus, who doesn’t love another reason to throw a party? Below are some different party ideas ranging from a great friend party to an idea for your little ones to join in on the fun!

Galentine’s Day Party

Being single on Valentine’s doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate. Get all your gal pals together and throw a party to celebrate your awesome friendship! These are the girls that will be in your life for a long time, and are there to support you through everything, so have some fun!

There are a lot of different options of fun things to do: at home spa day, brunch, dinner party, movie night, or whatever you love doing together. If you love all those things, why not put them together for an awesome night in! Start with a dinner in, filled with fun decor and some bubbly, then move your night into some at home spa treatments while watching your favorite movies. Want to show your appreciation for each other even more? Take a moment to go around and share why you love being friends. Nothing is better than hearing kind words from your closest friends.

Craft Party for the Little Ones!

Kids deserve to have some fun too! What’s an easier way than having a fun craft party for your little ones and their friends. Gather a few craft or art project ideas (Pinterest is always great for this), the proper supplies, and a big enough work space! Another thing to remember when deciding which craft is the age of the guests. Make sure you pick something that most can do on their own, so your not trying to help 6 at once.

While you’re in the craft mood, try making some DIY decor! Things like balloons and paper banners are an easy add to spruce up the room and fit the theme. You also can’t forget some food options. Go with easy snacks and finger foods that can be eaten while crafting, and maybe add a more real meal after everyone is done. Most importantly, crafts are always fun for everyone, so there’s no shame if parents want to join too. ;)

Couples Dinner Party

Have a group of couples looking for something to do? Why not throw a intimate dinner party with not only your partner, but with others you care about. Choose a house to host, and order some food in or have a potluck style dinner so one person isn’t stuck cooking everything! If you want to get fancy, pull out the fully set table, easily decorate with beautiful flowers and hand made place cards and menus.  

After dinner think about playing some classic games like charades, make each couple a team or even split up into two teams. Nothing’s more fun than a little friendly competition against your partner. Spending the night with your friends can be a fun new way of celebrating and creating new traditions!

Valentine’s Day for a Cause

Nothings feels better than giving back to those who need it. So this Valentine’s, get a group of people together and throw a care package making party to give back to your community!

A few days (or the weekend) before Valentine’s, throw a party to help make care packages to give out on Valentine’s Day! Set up some package building stations, some snacks, and get some music playing for your guest. Once you’re done, and had some fun with your friends and family, take your packages to a homeless shelter, anyone you see that might need it, or send them overseas to those guys and gals keeping us safe. Everyone deserves to feel some love on Valentine’s!

Want to do something different for your community? Try something else like volunteering at the local food bank, the hospital or even the animal shelter.

No matter what you do, or who you spend it with, have fun!


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