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Champagne Birthdays!

Happy Tuesday!

This week we’re talking about a celebration not commonly recognized, but that could be made into an amazing time; Champagne (or golden) birthdays!

A champagne birthday is celebrated when you turn the age of the date of your birthday. I (Kat) turned 17 on the 17th, while Cate turned 10 on the 10th. The fun part about Champagne birthdays is that they can happen when you’re a kid, teen, or an adult! We want to share some fun ideas for your champagne birthday, at any age.

Cotton Candy and Cupcake Champagne Party for the Kids

The term “Champagne Birthday” doesn’t need to be taken quite so literally when there are kids involved! You can create adorable little “champagne” snacks that can be included in any birthday party theme. You can still take your kids to the arcade, or to the waterpark, but by including this little treat it makes the occasion a little more special!

Golden Birthday Party for Teens

Celebrating a teen Champagne Birthday is much different than the other two! They are stuck in between the age of having themed birthdays and being drinking age. A simple way to celebrate a teen on their champagne birthday is to add some black and gold decor to their party! I especially love the idea of adding sparklers for your teen and their friends to help celebrate!

Popping the Bubbly in your Twenties

This is the fun ones for us, since it can include the important part, champagne! What better way to celebrate a once in a life day then to go all out! Having a later birthday in the month allows you to have more room for different ideas, with being an older age. A few ideas could include a champagne or gold themed bash, plan a girls/guys trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, or even something more simple like a classy dinner party with your favourite people.

Ps. Since Rose Gold is still TOTALLY in it makes decorating for this fun party so much easier! Love!!!


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