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Acrylic, Acrylic, Acrylic!

Hello Lovelies,

Cate Here!

I have been seeing so many amazing posts utilizing acrylic for events, and I am in LOVE. Acrylic pieces can be used for literally almost everything! Invitations, signs, menu, seating charts, cocktail lists, and so much more. Check out all of these beautiful ideas down below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

Will you be including any acrylic pieces in your event this season?

Did you know there are different styles of acrylic? The most popular are clear, frosted, and painted. Which do you love the most? I love clear acrylic, and Kat is obsessed with the painted acrylic as you can customize it so much.'

Acrylic can be customized to fit any event theme and/or style which is what makes it so versatile. Customization can come in the form of font design, size, paint colours, etc. Check out how different all of these are, even though it uses the same acrylic material!

If you are as obsessed with acrylic as we are you could literally have an ENTIRE acrylic themed event. Starting with invitations, to seating charts, signage, guestbook, name cards, and even acrylic “ghost” chairs! The possibilities are endless.

Did this blog post convince you to incorporate some acrylic into your event!?

xx Cate


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