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Are you planning an event for your business? We would love to help! There are many things to think about when planning a small or large scale event, and it can be overwhelming. We can help from beginning to end, or just for a part. We understand that every event is unique and we would love to personalize a package to your exact needs.

Your new business deserves to be celebrated with a grand opening! Not only will it bring in new customers, and clients, but you deserve it for all of your hard work. We will handle the party details so you can enjoy and celebrate your success!


Is your business approaching a special anniversary year? Let’s celebrate your success together! Anniversary parties are a great way to thank your clients, staff, and even how far you have come with your business.


Want to get some new customers and clients in the door? Lets host a few workshops, or plan an exciting open house! We have lots of great ideas to send your way.

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Staff parties are such a fun way to show your appreciation for your staff. This could include an annual Christmas party, family funday, or just an appreciation party! Have a fun idea you want to run by us? Send us an email!

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